Astronaut and IsidoreAstronaut and Isidore is a children’s book that I’ve made together with Simone Ruitenbeek. I’ve tried to convert the book to flash in two different ways:

Here you can see it as an animation. Voice over by Hans Ruitenbeek (only in Dutch…). The intro music is by Remco de Waard performed by the Parlandos.

Here you can read it in a pop-up book kind of way. By alternating the position of the next button on the left and right side of the page, you have to cross the page to go to the next page. The path you need to take between the buttons (with your mouse) controls the animation. I’m working on an English translation.

What I like about the animation is the music, the pop-up version seems awfully silent after watching the animation, so maybe I have to add sound to the pop-up version (maybe sound effects that are also controlled by the mouse like the animation). I think I prefer the pop-up version though, because it’s more like the book, plus you can play around with it.

Oh, and by the way, Simone and I are still looking for a publisher for a ‘paper’ version of the book, so if you have any suggestions…