DownscalerThis is a somewhat boring tool; but it might come in handy for some.

When publishing your flash project (that is: showing it in a web browser) you can choose between pixel or percent. With percent your flash movie gets scaled to fit in your browser. Which I like when the browser window is smaller then the movie. But I don’t like it when my movie gets blown up; lines grow too thick and pixels of imported bitmaps show. So I made this little tool that only scales when your movie doesn’t fit, but doesn’t scale if the movie fits. From that point up the movie is shown 100% and gets centered in your browser. Here’s an example.

You can download the files here. What you need is the downscaler.html, the downscaler.swf and the init.xml . Put these three files with your own SWF-file and change the init.xml. And then start downscaler.html.

  <preset swfname=’example.swf’ backgroundcolor=’ffffff’ pixelwidth=’400′ pixelheight=’400′ margin=’10’ bottom=’10’ />

  • swfname is the name of your SWF
  • backgroundcolor is the background color of your SWF
  • pixelwidth is the width of your SWF
  • pixelheight is the height of your SWF
  • margin is the minimum space you want around your SWF
  • bottom is for extra space beneath your SWF

You also can use this tool for image (JPG, PNG, or GIF) files, so then just use the swfname for the name of your image.

When using flash movies that use actionscript 1.0 or 2.0, they might run slightly slower (because now the flash-plugin has to run these AVM1-movies into the AVM2 (actionscript 3.0)). See here for an explanation.

If you want to change the background color around your SWF, use the bgcolor in the html. Also, you can change the name of the xml-file with FlashVars (line 289 in the downscaler.html).